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Twin Origin Map

N.J. Barry - Twin Origin Map

Set on a world with one large landmass known only as 'the Continent', the Twin Origin series chronicles a time before the modern world. Wizards and magic are spoken of in hushed tones. Nomads and bandits roam the wilds. Vast, unexplored swathes of wastelands stretch from civilisation's northerly extent to the frozen seas.

Among the scattered towns and nations, factions war amongst themselves, as they have for generations. Unbeknownst to most, new forces are gathering. Magic is rising. An ancient secret, more powerful than the dreaded wizards, threatens to unravel the tenuous balance of power, destroying any who encounter it.

Lineage of Wizardry, Book 1 of the Twin Origin series, begins at two points on the map: The Thousand Isles in the West, and Ibriesh, the City of Wizards in the East. Follow the stories of two heroes thrown into situations beyond their understanding and control, as they battle the forces of magic across the great continent, towards an epic showdown that will shake their understanding of reality to its core.