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The Observable Duality

Lineage of Wizardry

Twin Origin Series

Lineage of Wizardry

Lineage of Wizardry (preliminary cover)

As a series of devastating explosions ripples across the continent, Naryn – a girl stolen from wizards, and Raall – the ruler of a conquered nation, must uncover the truth behind a centuries-old secret that will change their world forever.

After a lifetime spent hiding from the wizards who tried to steal her as a baby, Naryn believes she is safe. When she saves a stranger’s life, she inadvertently brings her pursuers down upon her. Forced to flee across a war-torn continent, Naryn is thrust into a journey to the source of magic that will have deadly consequences.

Raall had never put much stock in talk of wizards, but only the darkest of magic could explain the destruction of his country. Now a prisoner in their city, he must uncover the secrets threatening to tear the world apart, the repercussions of which will have a far more personal cost than he realises.

The Observable Duality

The Observable Duality (preliminary cover)

The Observable Duality

The outing of the mages has shifted the balance of power.

The scouring of the outposts has left the world in ashes.

The Final Outpost, long believed to be a myth, may hold the key to uncovering the true purpose of the Sallens, but their last-remaining power-base will not relinquish its secrets easily...

The second novel in the Twin Origin series, The Observable Duality picks up where Lineage of Wizardry left off, deepening the mystery, and leading to a sequence of events that changes everything.

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Lineage of Wizardry, book 1 of the Twin Origin series, is an epic fantasy set in a unique and expansive world. It blends elements of thriller and adventure, all wrapped in a strong mystery with a world-shattering conclusion.

Read on for details of Twin Origin: Book 2: The Observable Duality.

Lineage of Wizardry